Как запустить dirt rally в vr

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After SteamVR(1.1.3) was updated its very poor performance in Dirt Rally,also with almost all Oculus/revive games,so needs to revert to the previous version of SteamVR to solve the problem.

1: install SteamVR.(Steam store search)

2: install Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR.(Steam store search)

5:If all of the above has been installed, modify the SteamVR property on Steam:
Library — find SteamVR — mouse right, Properties — Betas — SteamVR Beta Update -Then close.

6: click on the VR icon in the top right corner of Steam to open SteamVR, and this step should be to open three software at the same time,SteamVR,Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR and Revive.

7: open Oculus software,Settings — General — Unknow Sources -Allow.

8: in the lower right corner of your computer, right-click on the icon and click Injector in the pop-up window.

for steam it would be your steam install folder( steam steamappscommon/DiRT Rally),find the main executable, which is drt.exe, choose to open it.

9: The last few simple Settings

1:Turn off the option

10:After all the above steps are done, run Dirt Rally on Steam and enjoy Dirt Rally on your Windows Mixed Reality.

DiRT Rally 2.0 доросла до версии 1.7. Одна из главных особенностей обновления — поддержка виртуальной реальности. Как утверждает Codemasters, сообщество просило VR чаще других дополнительных «фич».

Релиз для шлемов разбили по разным платформам. В Steam игрокам нужно просто скачать последний патч для основной игры, где появляется поддержка стандарта OpenVR для устройств HTC Vive. Если нужна версия для Oculus Rift или Oculus Rift S, необходимо купить DiRT Rally 2.0 в магазине Oculus за 59.99 доллара.

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В версии для магазина Oculus есть пять эксклюзивных раскрасок для автомобилей и особые наборы ежедневных, еженедельных и ежемесячных испытаний. Кажется, этот билд слегка отстаёт от Steam: по словам разработчиков, часть пострелизного контента DiRT Rally 2.0 введут в версию для Oculus чуть позже.

Запуск для VR получился неидеальным: Codemasters отмечает, что видит жалобы от владельцев шлемов и готовит различные исправления. Какие-то распространённые ошибки возникают на стороне пользователей — о том, как их устранить, расскажут в FAQ. Какие-то возникают в самой игре — их будут лечить патчами.

В обновлении 1.7 также добавили раскраски DirtFish, локацию для тест-драйва и четыре достижения. Для обладателей издания Deluxe с 13 августа станет доступна трасса Estering в Германии.

which was originally made for Vive players to give them access to Occulus Rift titles. But it also works for WMR headsets.
You can download it here: https://github.com/LibreVR/Revive/releases
After downloading, start it and follow the install instructions. It will basically include itself into SteamVR.

The second step would be, that you download and install the software from Occulus rift aswell. After installing and starting it, create an account. BUT DON’T do the Rift Setup, that the software wants you to do after you made your account. Just skip that part.
There is also a nice Youtube tutorial about how to get revive going, done by "MixedRealityTV".

At First you have to go into the steam options and deactivate the Theatre mode for Dirt Rally.

Then you have to start the occulus program, which has to just be running in the background, followed by SteamVR.
The Windows MR software aswell as Revive should start automaticaly together with SteamVR. If that is not the case, start them one by one.

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Rightklick on the Revive icon in your taskbar on the right side. (It might be hidden by the little arrow up)

A few options should appear. Click on "patch". A file browser opens.
Now you browse to where your Dirt Rally folder is located and select the file "drt.exe"
in my case it can be found here: D:SteamsteamappscommonDiRT Rallydrt.exe
Now patch that file with revive. (This has to be done only the first time you start dirt non occulus VR)

  • Last step:
    !From your desktop! start Dirt Rally as if it was not a VR game. Not from within VR!
    A warning might pop up, that says sth. about dirt running in desktopmode and that it could affect performance. Agree to start anyway.
  • The game should now start and your wmr headset should be in the game’s own "theatre mode".
    If it doesn’t work right away, try rebooting the Computer first. That helped, when I configured my second PC for it.
    The standard Key to center your View in this game is "Strg". Might be helpful to know.
    The first thing you see is a sign to choose some kind of comfort mode. I got rid of that by klicking inside the windowed game on the computer screen and pushing any button after that.

    From now on to start dirt rally in VR you only have to have the WMR portal running and klick on Dirt Rally in your steam library. Everything else happens automatically.

    Real cockpit VR only starts, when you "enter the vehicle" all of the menu is shown on a virtual screen.

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    Enjoy . But be warned . you’ll never want to play it in pancake mode again. VR is the way it is meant to be played.

    ps: the virtual steering wheel in game only turns the way your real wheel does, if you disable the hands and arms shown onscreen in the dirt rally menu.

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